tight and shapy ass ?

The big question: Do women get a tight and shapy ass when cycling a bike frequently? The answer is YES. Its very good for building muscles on the tighs. Those are important for tightening the bottom-skin and keeping it in perfect shape.

Its of course generally good to practice continuiosly to stay healthy and aid the muscle building. The body needs constantly to be trained and pushed, thats the only way to gain muscle building. The movements during a bicycle ride are very good for thighs and bottom. But good training also demands quality food. Its not done by cycling around the block or to the next Mc-Donalds restaurant just to catch some burgers. The secret is to try everything that flies or swims – that means try to avoid beef or pig. Eat fish or chicken instead. Their proteins are more common to those of us and the body has a better use for them. Its also a good idea to cook your meal by yourself. Its a magic wonder because you will eat less than the half…


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